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CBS News Covers HKS Tech Blitz Event Highlighting the Impact of Assistive Technology for Blind, DeafBlind and Low Vision Communities

Companies hoping to transform daily life for DeafBlind Americans came to Long Island to show off cutting-edge technology.

By CBS News
May 16, 2024

Original segment on CBS’s website.

Female newscaster: Companies from across the country were on Long Island today, hoping to transform daily life for thousands of Americans with sight and hearing challenges.

Male newscaster: CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reports modern technology is becoming a vital tool for independence and communication. 

Myasia Mobley: When I woke up from the coma, I was blind and hard of hearing.

Newscaster: Myasia Mobley is from Brooklyn.

Newscaster: Were you born deaf and blind?

Julia Murray: Yes, yes. At birth, I had both conditions.

Newscaster: Julia Murray is from Pittsburgh. They’re among the intrigued who came to Helen Keller National Center in Sands Point looking for lifestyle breakthroughs.

Julia: It’s just finding new ways to do things.

Woman: It’s spelling DeafBlind in the manual alphabet.

Newscaster: Tatum Robotics created a hand that can interpret and communicate in American and tactile sign language.

Julia: This is so new, like, this is awesome!

Bryan Ward: Hi, so I am DeafBlind and this event is meaningful to me because we’re able to socialize and come together for the Tech Blitz.

Newscaster: A dozen companies showing off gadgets to help enhance lives.

40,000 people in the United States are DeafBlind. Many say they rely on the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Peter Jungvig: So here you see the red, red signal in the picture and you can feel-

Newscaster: Peter Jungvig designs light and vibration tools.

Peter: It also helps you in case there is an event like-

Myasia: an emergency-

Peter: like door, telephone, smoke alarm.

Myasia: It’s just like, out of this world, amazing.

Julia: So I’m currently in my, going into my third year of college.

Newscaster: Both Julia and Myasia, who have cochlear implants to help them with speaking skills, hope to bring what they’ve tried here, back home with them.

Myasia: New and better. Yes, as time goes on, the products evolve. The big goal for me to eventually move out of mom and dad’s house and get my own place and live independently.

Newscaster: From Sands Point, Long Island, Jennifer McLogan, CBS2 News.

[End of Video Transcript]

We are thrilled to share the CBS News coverage of the Helen Keller Services Tech Blitz. This extraordinary event, held at Helen Keller National Center, was a resounding success, drawing media attention with its showcase of innovative assistive technologies designed to enhance independence and connectivity for the blind, DeafBlind, and low vision communities.

The news segment, reported by Jennifer McLogan, captures the spirit and impact of Tech Blitz, highlighting compelling personal stories from attendees like Myasia Mobley and Julia Murray, who explored the latest breakthroughs in technology aimed at improving daily life. From groundbreaking devices like the Tatum Robotics T1 robotic hand, to devices from Bellman & Symfon that provide signaling through light and vibration, the event showcased a variety of innovations that promise greater independence and enriched interactions.

Join us in celebrating this milestone in assistive technology and watch the inspiring coverage that brought together communities and innovators for a day of discovery and connection.

Original segment on CBS’s website.

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