5 braille displays on a table
5 braille displays on a table
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TRIC: Reviews of Current Technology
Dr. Robert J. Smithdas with his arm around Barbara Walters
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Honoring Barbara Walters
A colorful design made entirely out of paper on a black wall. The words on the design say Creative Expressions, and on the wall is also a large paper paintbrush, a paper swipe of rainbow paint, and a paper paint palette.
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Art Show 2022
Five braille displays on a table
Person using a braille display and iPhone
Scott Davert smiling and holding a braille display outside
Power bank with USB ports
iPhone SE 3
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When The Old Meets The New: A Review Of The iPhone SE 3
Group of people outside wearing Breast Cancer Walk shirts
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Breast Cancer Walk 2021
a braille display
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A Review of the Orbit Reader 40