Camp Helen Keller

Camp Helen Keller offers a transformative summer experience for children who are blind or have low vision. Here, they engage in activities like zip-lining, swimming, and field games, which foster independence and confidence. More than just fun, the camp is a community where friendships flourish and every child feels a sense of belonging. This year, we aim to give 50 children an unforgettable summer of adventure and companionship, at no cost to their families. 

Here’s what our campers have to say:

A young girl with red hair smiling into the camera

“This camp is amazing and I love it…It feels wonderful. There’s no stress. No people making fun of you.”

-Ellie G., camper

A young boy wearing glasses, a hat, and a Helen Keller Services for the Blind camp t shirt. He smiles into the camera

“When you come here you can see that there are other kids who have the same challenges as you and you’re not alone.”

-Brendan S., camper

The Children’s Learning Center (CLC) program

HKSB’s Children’s Learning Center (CLC) offers comprehensive range of programs and services for preschool children who are blind, DeafBlind, have low vision, multiple disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, or other developmental delays. We are committed to providing the necessary academic, social, and therapeutic support to help these children reach their fullest potential.  

Your contribution leads to progress!

Josiah’s Journey:
Initially unable to walk, Josiah relied on a stroller and specialized chairs for mobility. Through dedicated support at the CLC, he now confidently walks hand-in-hand during daily activities and transitions. 

Yaseen’s Transformation:
Yaseen joined the CLC unable to walk, reacting with tears and falls. Just five months later, he independently explores every corner of the center and his home, showing remarkable progress. 

Your support is vital for us to expand and enhance our facilities to serve more children. Donate today to help us continue making these profound changes in the lives of these deserving children. 

A collage of two young boys playing with blocks, sitting, and standing in a hallway. Texts on the graphic says "We are so proud of Josiah and Yaseen."