Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Peter. I’m with Bellman and Symfon, and we are very pleased and happy to be here at Helen Keller National Center Tech Blitz. And we are exhibiting here as a 35-year-old company developing products for the hard of hearing and deaf. 

And sometimes also people with visual impairments use our products. We have wake up devices in terms of alarm clocks, looking like an alarm clock did in the past, but with enhanced sound with light flashing and with vibration by a bed shaker. And we also have this new type of wake-up device which is a Bluetooth bed shaker that you connect with an app.  

On your cell phone and you set the time on the cell phone and the bed shaker wakes you up by vibration and if you like to sleep a little bit longer You can pull this tail guy’s tail one time and it slows this for 3 to 15 minutes. Wow sounds great, right? And then further to the right, we have our wireless notification system, or a smart home system. The name is the VISIT system. And it comprises of different transmitters, like doorbell, telephone, baby cry, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide.  

They all communicate wirelessly.  With one or several of our receivers you can choose a receiver you prefer. So, we have one receiver with enhanced sound and different sounds for the door and telephone and baby, so you know what’s going on. We have a flashlight that alerts you by a strong flashlight, and it indicates by a color-coded LED why you are alerted. So green is for all, for example, always the doorbell.  

Yellow is the telephone. We have a pager that sits in your belt. Or in your pocket, or maybe you carry it in some other way that vibrates, and it vibrates in different modes to allow you to recognize whether it’s the door, telephone, baby, fire. And you can also, if you like, have the accessory, which is a night charger. 

You can put it in the night charger. And that’s it. As you can do with all our receivers, you can connect a bed shaker.  So, if something happens at nighttime, the bed shaker is waking you up and you can snooze. Hey guys! One thing I think is super important is smoke alarm for hard of hearing and deaf. How can you hear the smoke alarm if you take off your hearing aid, your cochlear implant, and maybe you sleep with, like me, with one ear on the pillow.  Here’s the solution. So, whether it’s our brand or another brand, make sure you have a good solution. So, in this case, we have the smoke alarm. I press the test button. The smoke alarm sends a wireless signal directly to the alarm clock. And the alarm clock wakes you up by vibration, by flashlight, and by sound. And now you cannot snooze, and that’s the intention. You don’t like to turn around and stay there. You like to escape and save your life. Do that. Thank you very much. [End of Transcript