Information on Audiology and Hearing Aids

How to Find an Audiologist 

It is important to be sure that the individual you are being evaluated by or receiving your hearing aids from is a licensed audiologist. The American Academy of Audiology ( and the American Speech, Language, Hearing Association ( can help you find an audiologist in your area. 

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance 

The American Speech, Language, Hearing Association ( has information regarding the care of your hearing aids. 

Selecting a Hearing Aid 

The choices available for hearing aids are varied and plentiful – not all hearing aids are appropriate for all individuals. A licensed audiologist should work with you to help you determine what is most beneficial for your particular situation. Get advice from the Cleveland Clinic. ( 

Communicating with People with Hearing Impairments 

Get tips from HKNC (see below) and the Cleveland Clinic. (–hearing-loss) 

General Information on Hearing Loss 

The Hearing Loss Association of America: ( 

FDA Regulation 

Be aware of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation regarding the dispensing of hearing aids. (see below) 

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