VideoHelen Keller Services for the Blind

Iliana Mejia

Iliana Mejia shares her positive experience during Career Exploration Week.

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Video Transcript

Hi! my name is Iliana Mejia, and this year, and for the past 3 years, I’ve been going to Helen Keller Career Exploration Week. This year, I went under the supervision of Yokasta Urena. We went on some trips, and my two favorites would have to be: The Whitney Museum of American Art, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. I think these two were my favorites, because they really opened my eyes up to new job opportunities that I had never considered, such as a composer at a radio station, which I never even thought was a thing, and working at a museum, which I had never, ever ever considered. I would definitely recommend this program! I think it’s a good way to open up your eyes to new job opportunities and things you would have never considered, ever doing in your future. I hope that someday, you could try it out for yourself, and see how great this experience is! [End of Transcript]

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