2021 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Christine Simmons

Outstanding work in providing accessible accommodations to first-time casted DeafBlind actor Robert Tarango in the Oscar®-nominated film Feeling Through during the 93rd Oscars® ceremony

Woman smiling into camera and another woman signing. Text on image says “2021 Accessibility Awards”
Video Transcript

[Christine]: Hello, as you heard, my name is Christine and I am a tall brown skin black woman with a long, straight ponytail, some big ol’ hoops. And I’m sitting in front of two barn doors and some beautiful art representing a protest. It is truly an honor to be here today. And on behalf of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and our Oscar broadcast. We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our heart. This award means so much to us. We set out to make sure that this was indeed the most accessible, but also the most normalized live broadcast possible. And we feel that we did that as much as we could. Of course, there’s always improvements. There’s always more to learn and we’re here to listen in partner, but we truly wanted to thank you because we’ve set out to make sure that the nominees had the most beautiful experience possible in this once in a lifetime, maybe not, experience that they had for their performances. We are honored again to have this award and on behalf of Jeanell English who leads our office of Representation, Inclusion and Equity, Randy Haberkamp, who also was one of our staff liaisons at the show. We all really thank you for this award and look forward to the future where everyone is welcome at the Academy and enjoys their experience in the most accessible way possible. [End of Transcript]

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