Youth Employment Strategies (YES) Program


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YES prepares young adults for independent job development.

What is the YES Program?

YES is a 20-week exploratory vocational training program  offered at the New York Institute for Special Education. Successful applicants are given the tools and resources to complete a job search and secure employment on their own, or collaboratively. During the program, students are assigned essential exercises that include:

  • Completing career interest inventories to determine potential employment paths.
  • Developing resumes and focused cover letters relevant to sample and live job postings they have selected.
  • Conducting research on companies and organizations that meet their career interests.
  • Applying to suitable companies and organizations for part-time work or summer internships.
  • Practicing relevant interview skills through the “two minute pitch” and mock interview.

In addition to mastering job development techniques, students receive intensive PC based technology instruction and learn how to maximize the use of assistive software such as JAWS and ZoomText. These softwares boost student competitiveness in a demanding job market.

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Why is There a Need for YES?

The YES program empowers students to visualize their future and shape their personal career path. Participants receive a boost of self confidence, and the satisfaction of proactively taking the initiative in building a career path. The techniques taught in this program can be extended to researching and applying to college, finding future meaningful internships or part time work, and securing a first career.

Going Above and Beyond with Individualized Instruction

YES Program staff are here to help students beyond official classroom time. We visit students at NYISE on weeks alternating with official YES instruction, to provide individualized tutoring. This may include help with business writing, professional communication, or assistive technology use. Support continues even after the program ends with additional interview preparation and help with the completion of employment related paperwork. Working together, proactive students and dedicated staff have been able to confidently secure desired introductory work experiences in areas such as marine biology, voiceover production, computer coding, and retail sales.

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Program Admission

The YES Program is open to juniors and seniors of the New York Institute for Special Education (NYISE). If you wish to have your child participate, please contact our program manager. 

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