Student Experiences (Hempstead)

During 2018’s Career Exploration Week, students met and spoke with successful professionals and toured exciting and cutting-edge organizations.


A group of students standing around a large desk with various monitors surrounding it, as a man in a black shirt sits at the desk and addresses the students.
Students got a chance to tour a local radio station and hear themselves live on air.










One of the most exciting experiences these students will never forget, is their trip to WBAB Radio. During their trip, they entered a studio to observe a live DJ, received a tour of the studio, and got a chance to speak live on the air. The students found this experience exciting because they got to hear how DJ’s voices are mixed with different filters and sound effects, as well as hear themselves live on the station!

 Group of students and staff posing for a picture in front of a black wall with gold text “Just Escape, Massapequa, Long Island” on it, while holding individual victory signs.








Another exciting experience the students got to participate in, was an “Escape the Room” challenge, where they used collaborative thinking and teamwork to solve a series of challenges in under 50 minutes. Students left that event with a greater understanding of positive teamwork, and pride for solving the challenges with 4 minutes to spare!

In addition to these experiences, students got a chance to tour companies like Stop-N-Shop to learn about employment at a grocery store, including some “behind the scenes” aspects of retail, like handling shipping, stocking and bagging, as well as Panera Bread to learn about the fast food industry, the Tilles Center to learn about the Performing Arts industry, and the Marriott Hotel to learn about the Hospitality industry.

Three students hold up a large poster with “The Bridge Program” written on top, and many photos from the program below.

Four students standing huddled together, looking at their sculpture: a tower made out of uncooked spaghetti strands, and held together by marshmallows
Students also got a chance to show off their creative side and work together to create an interesting sculpture