Touch Signals Terminology & Signs



Touch Signals Terminology & Signs

Maricar Marquez, MS

Hello I’m Maricar Marquez and I’d like to provide you with a brief review of the terminology and the signs we pair with them. We will be highlighting the terms we use often and it will help you review and practice signs that we will be using throughout the training.

Touch Signals:  A generic term that refers to all systems of providing visual and environmental information through touch.

Touch signals is signed like this - a flat palm against your chest between heart and shoulder with your fingers wiggling.

Provider: A term to describe the person providing the touch signals.  A provider can be deaf-blind or hearing/Deaf-sighted

Provider is signed like this – “information” + “person”

Receiver: A term to describe a person receiving touch signals.  A receiver can be deaf-blind or hearing/Deaf-sighted.

Receiver is signed like this – the sign for “copy” off the shoulder + “person”

Pro-Tactile: A philosophy and a movement which focuses on autonomy and equality for people who are deaf-blind.  PT is much more than a system of touch signals.  However, within this philosophy there are methods of providing visual and environmental information through touch, namely back-channeling and back-back-channeling.

Pro-Tactile is signed like this. Simply the letters “P T”

Haptics: A standardized system of providing visual and environmental information via touch on the body.

Haptics is signed like this – Left hand CL:5 handshape and right hand using all fingers walking up and down the palm.

Back-channeling (BC):  A method found under the PT philosophy that is used to provide one’s own personal reaction (social feedback) in one-to-one or small group settings.

Back-channeling is signed like this “B C”        

Back-back-channeling (BBC): A method found under the PT philosophy that is used to provide visual and environmental information to an individual who is deaf-blind.  This system is purposely not documented or standardized, but is developed according to the needs of the individual and situation at the moment.

Back-back-channeling is signed like this “B B C”

Social Feedback: A term used in Haptics to describe the method of providing social feedback to individuals who are deaf-blind in one-to-one and small group settings.  Similar to BC, but these signals are standardized and documented.

Social Feedback is signed like this – a “give and take” followed by the sign for “socialize” + “feedback”