Train the Trainers


Blind participants and interpreters, with two deaf-blind trainers from Norway, learn about Touch Signals, with a focus on Haptics.


A large number of people sitting in a conference room.

The first Train the Trainer Seminar on Touch Signals was held at HKNC during the week of November 16th and it was truly an international event! The group of 12 deaf-blind participants and their interpreters along with 2 deaf-blind trainers from Norway with their interpreters spent three intensive days in the HKNC Conference Center learning about Touch Signals, with a focus on Haptics. Aashild Johansen and Bibbi Hagerupsen, trainers from Norway, have over 20 years of experience using and teaching this form of communication.

The agenda included learning the signals for color and numbers; letters and directional signals; describing a room, people’s facial expressions and actions; tactile braille and more. Teaching strategies were discussed and each participant took part in lots of hands-on practice sessions.

Observers of the seminar saw a myriad of communication techniques being used - touch signals, tactile sign language, English to ASL and vice versa, Norwegian to ASL and vice versa – it was quite a challenge handled with great skill by all the interpreters. One seasoned conference attendee confided that “It was phenomenal – the best training I’ve ever been to – it was delicious!”