Steve’s Story: Making the Business World His World


Steve just wanted to feel useful—but now he’s so much more. He has become the “go-to guy” at Enterprise Process Service.




Image opens with a card that reads: This program was made by Sarah Baez, Development Intern at Helen Keller Services.

Next image is of Sarah standing and smiling at the camera.

Image of card that reads: Sarah is legally blind.

Image of card that reads: Helen Keller Works: An employment story.

Image of card that reads: Steve Mercer

Image of Steve at a computer using Zoom text to enlarge the print on the screen.

Steve: To have an organization to come to, it’s nice to have something to be a part of, to feel like you’re useful in the world, and not useless. I was declared legally blind at the age of eight and this is my world.

Image of Steve on the telephone.

Steve: I mean, I don’t know it any different. I've never seen, you know, normal.

Image of Steve walking around the office.

Steve: I started with Enterprise April 12, 2010. I’m the Receptionist. Typical day at work: I come through the door and I start harassing people. (He laughs).

Image of Steve putting together a Fed Ex box.

Steve: Actually, when I get to work in the mornings, Fed Ex is a big part of my job. I’m responsible for packing up everything that goes out to other vendors to be served.

Image of Steve carrying files and paperwork.

Steve: So, I come in and start gathering that up because I never know how much that’s going to be. It can be a little or it can be a lot. Kind of the go-to guy around here when somebody has something they don’t know what to do with. Or how to fix. They come to me and I kind of step up and see if I can figure out how to fix it or call the proper people to fix it.
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