Sherry’s Story: Making Things Easier for Mitchell


Sherry, an HKSB vision rehab therapist, made a house call to Mitchell, bringing him adaptive equipment that will help put his daily life in focus.




Image of a woman showing a man how to use large print calendar.

NARRATOR:  The Adapted Living Program at Helen Keller Services for the Blind is designed to help clients live independently and safely with the help of vision rehab thereapists who make sure that they have everything that the need.

Image of a CCTV with enlarged print on the screen.

Image of a man using a phone with large print.

NARRATOR:  Meet Sherry, one of our Vision Rehabilitation Therapists who works hard every day in meeting and helping our clients have everything that they need at home to live safely and independently.

Image of a young woman saying hi at the door.

NARRATOR: From providing them with large print phones, closed circuit televisions, large print calendars, talking watches and more.  Let’s follow her on a day as a Vision Rehab Therapist.

Image of a young woman named Sherry.

SHERRY:  I’m a Vision Rehab Therapist, and we’re here to see a client who is visually impaired and also has some hearing impairment.  So we’re going to be offering him some devices to help make things a little easier for him.  So we have the – we’re going to be doing communication skills mostly because that’s what he needs the most help with.  And we’re going to offer him some devices to make things a lot easier for him.

Image of a man opening a door and a woman entering.


SHERRY:  Hi Mr. Nerenberg.  I’m Sherry from Helen Keller Services for the Blind.  How are you?

MITCHELL:  Oh thank you for coming.

SHERRY:  You’re very welcome.  Nice to meet you.

Image of Sherry showing Mitchell how to use a CCTV.

SHERRY:  This one, if it’s fuzzy you can adjust it to your liking – just to make it a little better

MITCHELL:  That’s interesting – sometimes we get mail that’s hard for me to read and I can put it under there.

SHERRY: This slides back and forth like this – up and down

MITCHELL:  Oh, up and down?  That’s very good.  So I don’t have to move the book, I just have to move this little thing.

SHERRY:  So, now we, yeah, so now we see “Timer”


Image of Sherry at a table with Mitchell.

SHERRY: Can you see the time? (She is showing him a watch)

MITCHELL:  It’s very big.  I can read it for sure.

SHERRY:  Oh, good!

MITCHELL:  How much does this cost?

SHERRY:  That’s yours, it’s going to be free.

MITCHELL:  Are you serious?  This is free?

SHERRY:  I know its not your birthday but still (she laughs).  Your wife might be a little jealous like “its my birthday and you’re receiving all the good stuff.  That’s going to be your new low vision watch.  Oh, and it fits nicely!

MITCHELL:  Wow, that’s great.  Wow.  Beautiful.  Thank you very very much.

SHERRY:  I’m glad you’re able to see the time because often times people are not able to see it even though it is as large as it is, depending on your vision – how well you’re able to see it.

MITCHELL:  Well, so far, I can see it.  It says twenty to three.  (Both laugh)

SHERRY: (Laughing), yes we’ve been here for a long time.

MITCHELL:  Yeah, right!

Image of Sherry showing Mitchell a phone.

SHERRY:  This is going to be your large button telephone.  You can decide.  You don’t have to decide now because I k now you have your hand held so you can decide where you want it to be – but I want to make sure you are able to see the numbers.

MITCHELL:  Wow, that’s tremendous.

SHERRY:  That’s going to be your new large number telephone.  You can keep it in your office if you like.

NARRATOR:  If you, or someone you love needs our help, or is interested in learning more information about what we do, please visit our  Or you can reach us by phone by calling 718-522-2122 or 516-485-1234.