George’s Story: A Dream Renewed


Thanks to his mobility and technology training at HKSB, George is ready to reclaim his music career.




Image of a man sitting at a table.

GEORGE:  You could reach your dreams, you know, even if you lose your sight.

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GEORGE:  I always loved music.  I was doing that before I lost, you know, before losing my sight.

Image of George playing a guitar.

GEORGE:  So, what Helen Keller has done for me is put me back on the same page that I was.  So now you know, the tools are there.  I could work with the iMac, the voice-over, I could understand what I’m doing. So this is where I’m at right now and it’s working.  This is what Helen Keller has done for me.  I received, like you know, I learned how to navigate on the road, I learned to take the subway.  I would start out listening to how to walk with my cane and I think that I reached the point now where I could make a step on my own, you know? Being real independent and pursue a dream that I had.  And dreams do come true.

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