Erick’s Story: A Summer in Public Service


Erick put his soft skills and computer training to work as an intern in the Bronx Borough President’s Office.



Narrator: Meet Erick. A summer intern at the Bronx Borough President’s Office.

Image of a young man smiling at the camera then working at a computer.

Narrator: This summer Erick participated in the Work Experience Training program and Helen Keller Services for the Blind where he was given the opportunity to work at the Bronx Borough President’s office. Let’s find out what Erick’s work experience entailed.

Image of Erick at his desk answering question.

Erick: I work at the Bronx Borough Presidents office, in the Bronx. My job duties here are as an administrative assistant to Monica M., my supervisor who is Director of Education. As an administrative assistant here, I’m expected to email certain contacts and call certain people for events, upcoming scheduled events. I’m also expected to do research and draw up research papers for certain programs that are being launched.

Narrator: What’s your feedback about this work experience this summer?

Erick: I find it’s been very cool and I’m learning a lot. I learned plenty of soft skills, how to act in the office and behave in the office. I also l earned how to conduct research papers properly and things like that.

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