Emmanuel’s Story: Getting in the Mix


Emmanuel’s internship in audio production took him behind the scenes in the music industry.




Narrator: Meet Emmanuel. A summer intern at Visionary Media

Image of Emmanuel, a young man.

Narrator: This summer, Emmanuel participated in the Work Experience Training Program at Helen Keller where he was given the opportunity to work at Visionary Media, a not for profit organization dedicated to helping visually impaired and legally blind individuals in their pursuit of a career in music and media.

Image of keyboards, a mixing board and monitors.

Narrator: This work experience gave Emmanuel insight on what goes on behind the scenes in preparation of a musical performance. Here is Emmanuel giving you all a behind the scenes tour of the studio at Visionary Media.

Emmanuel: Over here we have the console which is for mixing music and composing music as well. (Emmanuel moves to the left). Then, over here, we have work stations with two screens. One screen is for the engineer and the other screen is for the trainee. (Emmanuel points to a man sitting in front of one of the screens). Jimmy over here is the engineer so he is using his station to work.

During training sessions he will have his training session on this screen (points to the monitor on the right). So while he is doing the mix or training he will be on this screen (points to monitor in front of Jimmy) and he’ll have the same thing on the other screen (points to the right, where the person who is training would sit).

NARRATOR: This is where Emmanuel spends most of his time when he is receiving lessons or shadowing lessons that the instructor, Jimmy gives.

Image of two men sitting in a room with monitors, consoles and keyboards.

NARRATOR: Let’s find out more about Emmanuel’s experience at Visionary Media this summer.

Emmanuel: I like being here because it’s a very good learning experience because there are a lot of things I want to learn about mixing and audio production that I don't know and when I am in those training sessions they answer questions; they are very hands on with me. They’ll show me how to do certain things, tell me what other functions do. There was a time when Noel showed me how to make a beat from scratch so I really liked that. Overall everybody is very o pen and helpful here. So being here I’ve learned about audio equipment, different interfaces; I’ve learned about synced up. I’ve learned about the equipment I would need for a home studio. Being here honestly is an eye-opening experience; there were a lot of things I thought I knew and it turns out I didn’t know as much. So being here I’ve learned so much about audio and music production and I’ve found it very helpful.

Image in the background is Emmanuel singing while a woman plays keyboard.

NARRATOR: Visionary Media not only helped Emmanuel gain experience in the work field; they gave him assistance in his own personal pursuit of a musical career. Here he is sharing his talent with you.

Emmanuel singing: All you have to do to make it real and wouldn’t have to say you love me as I already know.