Angelo’s Story: A Source of Pride


When Angelo lost his vision 20 years ago, he never could have imagined that today he’d be a professional business manager.




Image opens with a card that reads: This program was made by Sarah Baez, Development Intern at Helen Keller Services.

Next image is of Sarah standing and smiling at the camera.

Image of card that reads: Sarah is legally blind.

Image of card that reads: Helen Keller Works: An employment story.

Image of card that reads: Angelo Cavallaro

Angelo: This talking register right over here talks.

Image of Angelo's hands on register. Register says: Zero. Clear. One. Two. Three. Nine.

Angelo: It can also tell you how much change to give a customer. This is the heart of the whole business.

Image of Angelo in the cafeteria, speaking.

Angelo: The time when I first lost my eyesight and I was home with my parents was the most difficult time in my life.

Image of Angelo ringing up a customer and waiting for a woman to pay.

Angelo: My parents would not allow me to do anything for myself. But today, 20 years later, my parents see me as a professional business manager. Working, to me, is the best thing that ever happened to my life. It made me forget about my blindness. It made me feel like something. That I was meant to do something. It made my parents proud that I could wake up in the morning and go to work like everybody else.

Image of Angelo making coffee and fixing up the cafeteria.

Angelo: I am in charge here. I am the cashier. I also make coffee, cut the bread, put out the drinks, chips and clean. I am very proud of myself that I’m able to run the cafeteria or work by myself without much assistance.

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