HKS Headquarters Construction Update – Week 7



On-Screen: Text on a white background that reads “New Building Update, Week 7”. The scene then changes to Joe Bruno standing in front of a beige wall with large white papers behind him.

Joe: Hey folks, it’s Joe Bruno, C.E.O. at Helen Keller. We’re on site at 180 Livingston Street, our new site! You’re going to hear some noise in the  background, there’s a lot of people working here, it’s becoming quite a construction site!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to left-to-right panning shots of large spaces filled with large pieces of wood and metal, then cuts back to Joe.

Joe: We’re seeing lots of HVAC, or air conditioning and heat systems that can be hung from the ceiling, which will give this place a really nice industrial look, it’s what we want, it’s really very modern today, so we’re right in swing,

On-Screen: The scene cuts to two left-to-right panning shots showing men working on pipes in the ceiling, and one shot showing a completed pipe as the camera moves forward, then cuts back to Joe.

Joe: All the columns that you will see are all polished and look terrific.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to two top-to-bottom panning shots of completed white columns, then cuts back to Joe.

Joe: Soon, we’re going to start working on laying our final floor which is our final polished cement floor. We’re going to put in a border in areas of this floor to help those who are visually impaired navigate around, it’s called “wayfinding”. We are also seeing more work going on in framing, the whole place is basically all framed out, we now can see offices totally.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to three left-to-right panning shots showing rooms with walls made of vertical bars, then cuts back to Joe.

Joe: It’s really starting to look like an office now, and what’s happening at 57 Willoughby right now, stuff is getting tough there because there’s a lot of construction going on in their old site. We’re looking forward to coming here, and working in what we deem is going to be a pristine environment. So, we’ll keep you informed of what’s going on, lots of electrical work, security, AV is still to come in, there’s a whole lot more to go—we’re all very excited about this and I hope you are too!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to the Helen Keller 125th Anniversary logo on a white background.