HKS Headquarters Construction Update – Week 17



On-Screen: Text on a white background that reads “New Building Update, Week 17.  The scene then changes to Joe Bruno standing in front of a large white poster.

Joe: Hello folks, it's Joe Bruno, Helen Keller Services C.E.O. I'm in my office at 57 Willoughby, which is where we've lived for the last 67 years, and we're looking forward to getting over to 180 soon. But a lot's been happening right now in that 44,000 square feet that we have leased for the next 30 to 31 years. You'll see we have walls up, we have doors framed out, we have glass all over, and most of the offices that are close to the windows where light comes in are glass fronts, and that light will flow through to the rest of the floor. You'll see lots of flooring is now being laid down and final, so in the Children's Learning Center, you'll be able to see finished floors in those classrooms. You're also going to see we have all new lighting, LED lighting all over and the place is starting to brighten up. So we're starting to look like a real office!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several interior shots of brightly lit areas of the office, surrounded by large panels of glass, as well as images of large empty rooms with cardboard coverings on the floors, an image of a white office with a column at the corner, and an image of a wall of large glass panels.

Joe: With this happening, we can not be too far from the time where we're able to really start talking about when we move in. Right now, we're projecting about the beginning of September, could be a little bit earlier, doing lots of work on ensuring we get the permits required for the Children's Learning Center to open up and for us to obviously be able to move in. But overall, what I'm seeing now is an office that's come to life from a vacant, kind-of rugged looking space— there's still a little bit of ruggedness still left, which we like, the kind-of industrial look, but we also have a beautiful location that's going to be a gem for our employees, and for the people that we serve. I'll talk to you next time. Bye-Bye!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to the Helen Keller 125th Anniversary logo on a white background.