HKS Headquarters Construction Update – Week 15



On-Screen: Text on a white background that reads “New Building Update, Week 15.  The scene then changes to Joe Bruno standing in front of a large white poster.

Joe: Hey folks, this is Joe Bruno, C.E.O. of Helen Keller Services. We're in our seventh video, This one, we're about 14 or so weeks into construction. Construction, we can see, kind of the end of the road here— Somewhere in July perhaps, certainly very close to August, we should be pretty much complete. There will always be things to finish, but today, you'll get some footage of what's going on: You'll see steel being affixed to the ceilings. That will allow us to take the big board room and divide it into 6 conference rooms, or open it up any time we want. There are dropdown doors that will come— Walls, actually, that will come down and will divide that large space of almost 1,000 square feet into six conference rooms.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several shots, including a photo of a man welding a large steel bar on the ceiling, and digital drawings of a large room with a long table, that same room broken into three rooms each with a table in them, and the same room with a podium and a group of empty chairs. The scene then cuts back to Joe speaking.

Joe: So that work was a big engineering issue for us. We got over the engineering, now we're doing the installation. You'll also see some of the rooms now will have a popcorn look on the ceilings, very industrial look. So we'll see some of the rooms having that, others will have framing to do some drop ceilings.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several shots, including a photo of a rough textured ceiling, a photo of a large white room with three windows shining light inside, a photo of a large white room with a brown column inside, and a photo of a white room with a metal grid underneath the ceiling. The scene then cuts back to Joe speaking.

Joe: Those drop ceilings sometimes are based on the number of pipes that have to be in there, as well as the need to get into those areas if something should happen. The offices are all virtually all built. We're seeing now some tracking on the floors of various offices and various other locations where glass will be installed so you'll have a visual "in" to the office. Door frames are being set, and doors will be hung.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several shots, including a photo of two side by side offices, one lit and one dark, a photo of a row of offices in a hallway, two photos of the outsides of offices with large door-shaped holes looking in, and a photo showing the inside of an office through a door shaped hole. The scene then cuts back to Joe speaking.

Joe: So you'll see glass also in the Children's Learning Center, which will give light— Actually take light from the room itself and put it into the hallways. It'll also allow side panel glass that will allow people and visitors to see in the classroom without disrupting them. So my view is that today we are three-quarters of the way through construction, and the rest is really starting to move very seamlessly. We have brickwork done in the reception area— Virtually all of it done. We are now looking and working on making sure we have proper heat in our lobby as you walk in. We're working on the turnstiles that will be there for security purposes when people come in. So we're in full fledge completion of construction. Yes, we probably have another two months to go, but those two months will be the finishing, and we'll see more and more good stuff happening. Pretty soon next week we'll start pouring floors in certain areas. So there's lots going on, it's a great project, and we're very excited about it. See you next time!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to the Helen Keller 125th Anniversary logo on a white background.