HKS Headquarters Construction Update – Week 13



On-Screen: Text on a white background that reads “New Building Update, Week 13.  The scene then changes to Joe Bruno standing in a large empty room next to a tall machine.

Joe: Hey folks, this is Joe Bruno, C.E.O. of Helen Keller Services. Today is June the 6th, 2018. This is our sixth video— on-site video where we give you an idea of what's happening. You'll see that we are now putting in brickwork along the front wall Livingston Street, which is finished product, so we are getting down to putting some finish in, we're closing up all the walls now. When you walk into this space, while it's huge, it's not open like it was in the earlier videos. Now it's being closed down to be a real office, so things are looking quite real. We're seeing ceilings being framed out. We know that in certain areas we're going to drop ceilings, we’re going to leave some ceilings open.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several interior shots: A left-to-right panning shot of men laying out bricks inside the building, a left-to-right panning shot of completed brickwork in the building, a left-to-right panning shot of a large area inside the building filled with large metal bars, metal and plastic boxes, a photo of a wall with brown insulation inside part of it, a photo of a large brown wall with different colored wires hanging from it, a photo of an empty white room, a photo showing the inside of a ceiling in a small room, a photo showing the inside of a ceiling in a larger room, and a photo showing a ceiling with large white beams framing it. The scene then cuts back to Joe speaking.

Joe: We see the big area for our boardroom and the breakout room for our staff and others and events is really very defined. Glass is not in yet, but in one of the next videos hopefully we'll see it. I think overall, we are looking a lot more like an office, almost ready to go, clearly, we have a lot more finish work to do. I think we're not going to bring in any furniture or anything like that until we are at the end of the entire construction. We are working very closely with the Department of Health  to ensure we get the Children's Learning Center in on time in say, September 1st or first week in September. Our parking for our front of Livingston Street has been approved by the Department of Transportation, so, the big problem we'll have is keeping cars out of our preferred parking. But overall, I'm very excited about what we're doing. I say that all the time, because every time I come, things look different, today, from last week, and now it looks so much more like an office. I met with the board just a day ago, on the 5th of June. I gave them prior outline of what had been completed, and tremendous amount completed, but I told them that they will be happy to use the facility and see people that we serve in this facility, which is first rate. And I also promised them that our next board meeting will be at this location. So thank you, and see you again!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to the Helen Keller 125th Anniversary logo on a white background.