HKS Headquarters Construction Update – Week 11



On-Screen: Text on a white background that reads “New Building Update, Week 11.  The scene then changes to Joe Bruno standing in front of a large white poster hanging on a beige wall.

Joe: Hey folks, this is Joe Bruno again, C.E.O. of Helen Keller Services. I thought we'd shoot this one in my office, since we just completed a meeting related to the new construction site, and you'll see some video of what it looks like. But what's happening, this is a schematic of what we've been working off of for the last good year, and now we are about 10 weeks into construction.  What we're seeing is that the HVAC system— heat and air conditioning are virtually all complete, framing for ceilings, framing for windows for open space, it's all been done, and all the columns have been completed. We're seeing now, switches and the electric, so we got almost everything that has to go inside the walls, in there, now, we're seeing a lot more of the walls close up totally, offices are now discrete, they don't have the fronts on them yet, which will have some glass and doors, etcetera, but what they do have is the look of what these offices look like.

On-Screen: The scene cuts to several photographs: a photo of a vent across the ceiling, a photo of vents and pipes covering the ceiling, a photo of a large room filled with tall metal bars, a photo of different colored wires in a metal box, a photo of blue and orange wires inside of a wall, a photo of a large empty room, a photo of a man in a white shirt painting a wall inside of a small empty room, a photo of two small empty rooms next to each other, and a photo of a larger empty room with a blue wire hanging from the ceiling.

Joe: So, overall, tremendous amount of excitement, talking today with some of the contractors. Today is the 30th of May, so they're talking about mid-June, to to late June, to early July delivery of all of our light fixtures, delivery of other materials that will be used to decorate, furniture also looks like it's been totally ordered, it's in construction, and so we will see that coming in, perhaps the end of June or July, whether it comes to the site it might not, it'll come in and we'll get it finished. But we're looking like now, end date for this thing could either be into July, maybe early August, even earlier perhaps. So, I'm very excited about our progress. I'm excited about that this flat drawing is going to be real, the people who are coming over— We're bringing lots of folks over now, we're doing hardhat tours, and bringing our own staff over so they could see what's going on, The excitement level of the people at Helen Keller Services is through the roof. So, we'll let you know what's happening next time we see each other. Thank you!

On-Screen: The scene cuts to the Helen Keller 125th Anniversary logo on a white background.