Hire an HKS Client, Student or Alum


We assist companies by providing education and resources to help them understand the benefits of hiring someone who is blind or visually impaired, or has combined vision and hearing loss.

A Qualified Candidate Pool

The blind, low vision and deaf-blind communities are filled with enthusiastic and hard-working individuals; some require accommodations to work, and others don’t need anything but the opportunity to join your team.

Many of our clients, students and alumni are:

  • Computer proficient
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree program graduates
  • Experienced in their respective fields

They came to HKS to learn to work around any challenges posed by their vision and hearing loss. Using adaptive equipment and employing strategies they’ve learned in our programs, many of them have gone on to build successful careers in organizations across the country.

As an HKS partner, you also can consider our candidates for temporary work experiences, providing a social service by giving blind, low vision and deaf-blind individuals the opportunity to build their resumes while getting extra help in your office.

Partner Benefits

When you choose to partner with HKS, you join a long list of valued employers, agencies and affiliates. To support our employer partnerships, we provide hiring incentives that offer salary expense reimbursement and/or on-the-job support to our employers and clients.

Our services also include recommending accommodations and modifications in the workplace and working with both employers and employees to provide any needed follow-up support.

Ask about:

  • Work try outs
  • On-the-job training
  • Job coach services
  • Tax incentives

Additional Partnership Opportunities

Helen Keller Gifts offers a collection of gift bags and baskets that are assembled, designed and packaged for sale by legally blind individuals. Featuring your products in our gift baskets and bags is a great way to reach new customers while helping our clients to achieve their vocational goals. If you’re interested in partnering with this unique entrepreneurial program, email us at hkworks@helenkeller.org  to discuss the possibilities.

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If you're interested in finding your next employee at HKS, email us at info@helenkeller.org.

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