Haptics Video 2



How did the Helen Keller National Center learn about Haptics?

Video description: A close up of a woman signing into the camera.

You might be wondering how the Helen Keller National Center became involved with Haptics.  A group of people representing an organization called Hapti-Co visited HKNC.  During this visit, they provided us with information on Haptics.

TITLE SLIDE: Hapti-Co is an organization that was developed to serve the deaf-blind community by providing continued education, training, and resources on the use of Haptic Communication.  Hapti-Co staff travel around the world to share this system with all who may benefit. 

Here’s an image from one of the trainings provided by Hapti-Co at the Helen Keller National Center. The presenters are in the front of the room with a large PowerPoint behind them. There are approximately 30 people seated at tables throughout the room.  There are a combination of interpreters and participants. Many of the participants are receiving interpretation via tactile ASL. A second interpreter is providing the Haptic signals on the person’s back copying the signals being presented in the front of the room.

A book was published in Norway that outlined the signals used in Haptics.  HKNC collaborated with the authors of that book, Hapti-Co, to create an American version that was sensitive to the linguistic and cultural needs of deaf-blind Americans.  We wanted to ensure that it met the needs of the American deaf-blind community and their perspectives. 

Here is an image of the book, Haptic Communication, the American Edition. On the cover are two women standing outside in front of a pond with trees all around them.  One woman is providing Haptic signals to the other. 

TITLE SLIDE: For more information about  this publication please contact us at pld@hknc.org