Vision Rehabilitation Therapist/Orientation and Mobility Instructor

Since 1893, Helen Keller Services (HKS) has been committed to improving the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired or have combined hearing and vision loss. HKS is comprised of Helen Keller Services for the Blind, a regional division serving the New York City/Long Island area, and the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults, a national division headquartered in Sands Point, New York, with a network of regional offices that extends HKS’ reach across the United States.

We currently have an exciting career opportunity available to join the HKS team as Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and Orientation and Mobility Specialist (VRT/O&M).  The Vision Rehabilitation Therapist/Orientation and Mobility Specialist position is open in three HKS locations; Brooklyn, NY, Hempstead NY, and Islandia, NY.  This position is responsible for the execution of HKSB’s Mission, goals and objectives through demonstration and instruction to people with visual impairments to teach them to travel independently and to teach them independent living skills to enable them to live independently at home, to obtain employment and to participate in community life. The VRT/O&M work as part of a multidisciplinary team with other HKSB instructors, CBVH staff and community resources.

Specific Duties Include:

• Concept Development which includes body image, spatial, temporal, positional, directional and environmental concepts.
• Motor Development including skills needed for balance, posture, and gait, as well as the use of adaptive devices and techniques to assist those with multiple disabilities.
• Sensory Development which includes visual, auditory and tactile senses and the interrelationships of these systems.
• Instruction in the following:
• Use of residual vision
• Upper and Lower Self Protective and Trailing Techniques
• Sighted Guide
• Cane Techniques
• Street crossing Techniques
• Block and route travel
• Public transportation (bus, railroad and subway)
• Researching travel routes to determine the safest and simplest route
• Orientations and familiarizations to new environments
• Assessing and evaluating the independent living needs and abilities of clients for meeting immediate and lifelong goals
• Developing individualized Vision Rehabilitation Therapy plans in conjunction with the client.
• Orientation and mobility in the indoor environment
• Use of low vision devices and training techniques
• Coordinating the implementation of the Vision Rehabilitation Therapy plan
• Teaching problem solving and resource utilization, including the acquisition of adaptive equipment
• Facilitating the client’s and family’s psychosocial adjustment to impaired vision
• Case management and preparation of all client reports and preparing monthly rosters.
• Providing consultation, public education and in-service training.
• Independently scheduling and coordinating all client instruction.
• Coordinating client services with CBVH staff and other HKSB instructors.
• Act as a liaison with outside organizations, CBVH staff, etc.
• Assisting in achieving department contract goals.

Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university with specialization in vision rehabilitation therapy and orientation and mobility; or Bachelor’s Degree and successful completion of a CBVH approved training program meeting nationally accepted standards for rehabilitation therapy and orientation mobility.

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