Vision Rehabilitation Assistant (VRA) - Full Time Position

Job Title:            Vision Rehabilitation Assistant (VRA)   - Full Time Position

Department:      Rehabilitation Services - ALP

Location:          Brooklyn


The VRA (Vision Rehabilitation Assistant) is responsible for outreach, identifying, opening and training of ALP (Adaptive Living Program) clients age 55 and above within the five boroughs to lead safe, independent lives utilizing vision rehabilitation strategies and techniques. They work as part of a multidisciplinary team with other HKSB instructors and community resources. They must demonstrate a sincere commitment to HKSB’s Mission and Values and conduct himself or herself at a high professional level at all times and project a positive image of HKSB internally and externally.



  • Perform outreach to identify ALP clients
  • Perform an ALP 1 on each potential client; this includes all paperwork, phone calls, Xeroxing, filing, etc.
  • Assess and evaluate the independent living needs and abilities of clients.
  • Teach adaptive skills needed for independent living in areas of:
    • Personal management
    • Household management
    • Leisure activities
    • Orientation and mobility in the indoor environment
    • Use of low vision devices and training techniques
  • Prepare client reports.
  • Prepare monthly rosters.
  • Provide outreach services as necessary; attend conferences, man tables and complete public speaking engagements to inform others of our services, this might include evenings and weekends
  • Schedule and coordinate all client instruction on individual caseload.
  • Assist in achieving department contract goals.



High School Diploma or its equivalency, completion of New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB) approved training program meeting nationally accepted standards for vocational rehabilitation

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