Senior Adult Specialist (Part Time)

Open Position:    Senior Adult Specialist (Part Time)   

Department:         California CSP Program 

Location:              Los Angeles, CA 


SUMMARY: The Older Adult Program Specialist provides consultation, technical assistance, training, advocacy, resource materials and program development on behalf of senior adults, ages 55 and better, who are experiencing combined loss of vision and hearing on a national basis. Essential duties include:


• Conduct training and provide educational opportunities through seminars, workshops, and other programs for professionals working in rehabilitation, gerontology, social work, and health related fields, to enhance their ability to work with senior adults experiencing combined vision and hearing loss.  

• Develop and conduct on-the road Confident Living Programs (CLP) in California and various states across the country, for consumers, family members, caregivers, service providers, and staff from other service organizations.       

• Provide consultation and technical assistance to HKNC staff and other agencies/organizations providing services to senior adults with combined vision and hearing loss.

• Co-facilitate national community of practice subcommittee comprised of organizations working with senior adults with combined vision and hearing loss. 

• Contribute to grant writing and implementation of grant objectives with Universities and other national partners. 

• Advocate, locally and nationally for development of and enhanced services for, senior adults with combined vision and hearing loss. Collaborate with National agencies to explore common objectives, work together to enhance and expand services. Work collaboratively with HKNC Regional Representatives to train professionals across country to implement Confident Living Program. 

• Collaborate with long-term care facilities, nursing homes, Independent Living Older Blind (ILOB) staff, Center’s for Independent Living, and assisted living programs to integrate principles and strategies of Confident Living Program with senior adults who have combined vision and hearing loss.

• Prepare and distribute reports. 



Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, Gerontology, Vision Rehabilitation, Social Work, Psychology, or related degree.  Three years related work experience with people who are deaf-blind, deaf, blind, or those with combined loss of vision and hearing. Experience working with senior adults preferred. Competencies in public speaking, writing, and in program development and implementation.   Experience using, or knowledge about, assistive listening devices, hearing aids, independent living aids and devices, and alerting devices for consumers with combined vision and hearing loss. Ability to communicate in American Sign Language strongly preferred. Knowledge of various communication systems used by individuals who are deaf-blind or who have combined loss of vision and hearing. Knowledge of braille a plus. Experienced with MS Office. 

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