LPN - Residence- PT 28 hours PER week.

New York State accredited program for Licensed Practical Nursing. You must maintain a current, valid, and unencumbered, LPN license and registration as issued by the State of New York, hold a current and valid CPR certification including the use of the AED and participate in the HKNC sponsored Universal Precautions In-Service. Ability to communicate with consumers including but not limited to: the manual alphabet, ASL as it pertains to specific medical occurrences and understand communication limitations and requesting interpreters as indicated and available skills are required. The LPN Residence Nurse’s primary function is to fulfill the nursing needs (emergent and non-emergent) of all consumers at HKNC. This requires a well experienced LPN who is able to work independently, and with in-person and telephone supervision. The LPN must be able to communicate their findings to the supervisor to accurately reflect medical situations. Weekend shifts required. Category D.

Please Send Resume and Cover Letter to: hkncrecruitment@hknc.org