EMPLOYMENT TRAINING SPECIALIST – CSP. FT 35 hours per week. Bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Social Work, or related degree OR one year experience working with individuals who are Deaf-blind, blind, Deaf or multiply disabled. Proficiency in American Sign Language and other methods of

communication utilized by individuals who are deaf-blind required. The Employment Training Specialist in the Community Services Program is responsible for assisting with job development for deaf-blind consumers and acting as a job coach once employment is obtained. Contacts and consults with potential employers regarding the development of substantial jobs for qualified deaf/blind workers in collaboration with the Placement Specialist. Obtains employment interviews and assists consumers at the interview, if needed. Provides counseling and information to consumers as to work skills and appropriate work behaviors. Provides in-service training to potential employers, co-workers, and support service providers in regard to the consumers skills, potential, and support needs. Such training can be applied to competitive, sheltered, or supported employment situations.

Please Send Resume and Cover Letter to: hkncrecruitment@hknc.org