Adaptive Technology Supervisor

The mission of the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults is to enable each person who is deaf-blind to live and work in his or her community of choice. Authorized by an Act of Congress in 1967, HKNC is the only organization of its kind—providing training and resources exclusively to people age 16 and over who have combined vision and hearing loss. Students travel from across the country to our headquarters in Sands Point, New York, for on-campus training in assistive technology, vocational services, orientation and mobility, communication and independent living, and our regional offices bring HKNC resources to communities throughout the United States. Employment at HKNC is a "one-of-a-kind" experience and at HKNC, we seek employees who have a strong work ethic, strive for excellence, enjoy a challenge, and are highly motivated and creative.

We currently have an exciting career opportunity available to join the HKNC team as an Adaptive Technology Supervisor at our location in Sands Point.  The Supervisor performs disciplinary responsibilities as delegated using a variety of approaches based on individual and situational needs’; collaboration, mentoring, coaching, facilitation, directive supervision.  Fosters trans-disciplinary training among all core vocational rehabilitation disciplines leading to achievement of successful outcomes for consumers.  Provides evaluation and training to consumers in adaptive technology.  Expert knowledge, skills, and abilities in the provision of rehabilitation training in the area of adaptive technology encompassing: computer systems, software applications, keyboarding, screen magnification, braille displays, screen readers, magnification programs, telecommunication, instant messaging, e-mail, scanning and reading programs, internet skills, portable devices, and specialized software.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

Ensures services provided to students are person-centered and meet the students' needs:    

  • Asses, through dialogue with student and team, the students' needs
  • Actively collaborate with team (including student) to design trans-disciplinary training activities, implement individualized program, and evaluate progress through debriefing and dialogue to identify further learning opportunities. 
  • Communicates to all team members the students' training priorities, short & long term goals. 
  • Ensures the student's involvement in decision making process with team throughout evaluation and training. 
  • Actively participates in the Community of Practice (COP) in order to support learning of staff.  Contribute articles, experiences, and challenges. 
  • Provide evaluation and training to consumers in the discipline of Adaptive Technology. 
  • Supervises and evaluates work performance of COP team members.
  • Works with team members to develop and implement TD learning experiences leading to the achievement of consumer outcomes of increased independence, employment, empowerment, and self-advocacy. 
  • Provides in-service training information to staff members and others including family members and professionals regarding adaptive technology training for deaf-blind individuals.  
  • Identifies individual staff development goals and provides input into agency-wide growth and training opportunities. 
  • Maintains the scheduling for each COP staff. 
  • Provides oversight for the equipment and training resources, as well as general appearance and maintenance of work area. 
  • Participates in program and team meetings to ensure comprehensive and individualized evaluation and training services, provides input to staff and student schedules based on consumer and team recommendations ensuring quality and consumer satisfaction. 
  • Plays a significant role in supporting the agency’s goal to grow as a Learning Organization and also in supporting and engaging staff to achieve goals of the HKNC Strategic Plan. 
  • Empowers staff to grow as professionals in their ability, engagement, and contribution to the TD approach using an adult collaborative model. 
  • Supervises and evaluates work performance of the AT team members. 
  • Contributes to the annual report for the department reflecting adaptive technology services provided within a given fiscal year.  Identifies appropriate trans-disciplinary outcomes and team goals.  
  • Guides team with development and timely submission of comprehensive TD report. 
  • Handles correspondence or inquiries from the field regarding information on adaptive technology techniques and methods for deaf-blind individuals respective of expert knowledge and discipline. 
  • Approves and orders appropriate materials and equipment. 
  • Documents best practices and disseminates information to the field through publication and participation in national organizations and conferences. 
  • Coordinates and supervises the AT Intern Program. 
  • Works collaboratively with the ICC trainers and staff. 
  • Actively participates and leads when necessary new innovative Adaptive Technology projects and initiatives. 
  • Accompanies, serves as guide, and supports communication access for students and staff when necessary in a variety of situations and settings.  Examples of settings include but are not limited to: team meetings, airport, shopping, bank errands, phone calls, VP calls, Town Hall Committee meetings, cafeteria, information peer learning groups such as Emergency Preparedness, Healthy Heart and Work Solutions groups, recreation activities (i.e. Holiday party).  Communication support, which includes providing environmental information, may consist of voice over, sign language (visual/tactual), text/typing, or facilitating the use of augmentative systems (communication cards, devices).  To accomplish this the individual may be required to use personal vehicle on occasion. 

Education and/or Experience: 

Master’s degree in adaptive technology, Rehabilitation Teaching, or related degree. Minimum of three (3) years working with individuals who are deaf-blind in the area of rehabilitation teaching (Adaptive Technology).  Two years of supervisory experience required. 

Proficiency in ASL preferred; knowledge of Braille and other methods of communication (alternative communication methods, ASL) used by persons who are deaf-blind required, or must be developed within one year.  Knowledge of deaf and deaf-blind culture required.

Knowledge of MS Office including MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and outlook required.  Strong report writing skills required. 

Please Send Resume and Cover Letter to: