Annee's PLLI Experience



Annee PLLI Experience

Annee is blind and recently experienced a significant hearing loss.

I'm Annee. And I am married with two adult children and a cute little terrier named Bella. And I am from Washington state. I live in a small town, called Walla Walla.

I have a lot of interests. I cook and I bake and I walk, and swim, and read, and write, and whatever. Just tons. I love to travel with my husband. And, professionally, I am a teacher of blind children. I hold an orientation and mobility credential and a law degree.

I decided that I would apply and get some experience teaching Deaf-Blind people as well as work on developing curriculum and an entire program for teaching distance braille to Deaf-Blind people.

Here are images of Annee working with students teaching braille, finger braille, and technology during her PLLI experience.

Wow. I got to practice my sign language with a few students. I used haptics during my instruction of braille for several students. I learned about different platforms for meetings and conferences and webinars and really got to delve into the making and developing a program. So I feel like I learned a lot in a very short amount of time.

I would like to coordinate, operate a distance learning program for Deaf-Blind folks in the area braille. I would also like to continue to do research and develop other techniques and strategies that we can use to better the lives of Deaf-Blind people. I'm just walking away with all kinds of thoughts and skills and ideas. I see that my world is open again versus how I felt when I first arrived in October-- felt like things were so narrow and so constricted for me.