2022 HKS AccessAbility Awards


The Helen Keller Services AccessAbility Awards was created to recognize companies, non-profit organizations and individuals who are using their talents and resources to support individuals who are DeafBlind, blind or have low vision and make the society more accessible and inclusive through their services, practices, products and workforce diversity efforts.

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Honoring companies making a difference among the DeafBlind, blind, and low vision communities. Cleanlogic, Unidescription Project, Accessible Pharmacy for the Blind, Wunderman Thompson Health, and Service Skills eLearning.

2022 AccessAbility Awards

Recognizing companies who are using their talents and resources to support the DeafBlind community

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Award Recipient: Cleanlogic

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Isaac Shapiro, President/Co-CEO of Cleanlogic

2022 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Cleanlogic

An inclusive and socially conscious beauty brand which incorporates braille on its packaging. Cleanlogic has funded adaptive technology to promote independent living employment skills to the blind and low vision communities

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Award Recipient: UniDescription Project

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Brett Oppegaard, Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii and Principal Investigator for The UniDescription Project

2022 AccessAbility Award Recipient: UniDescription Project

Studies and produces innovations in audio description which involves translating visual media into audible media for the benefit of people who are DeafBlind, blind or have low vision

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Award Recipient: Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind

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Dr. Alex Cohen, Co-Founder / Chief Marketing and Accessibility Officer of Accessible Pharmacy

2022 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Accessible Pharmacy

The largest blind-owned healthcare company in the country which provides home delivery pharmacy service specializing in the needs of people who are blind, DeafBlind and have low vision

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Award Recipient: Wunderman Thompson Health

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Tracey Zuto (EVP, Executive Creative Director) and Bonnie Baker (VP Resource Manager) of Wunderman Thompson Health

2022 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Wunderman Thompson Health

A New York-based global marketing agency and has produced HKS’ DeafBlind Awareness Week posters pro bono for more than 30 years

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Award Recipient: Service Skills eLearning

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Nancy Friedman, Founder of Service Skills

2022 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Service Skills eLearning

An eLearning platform for employers which equips your team with the skills to improve customer satisfaction, enhance teamwork and boost respect levels

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Stay Tuned for HKS' 2023 AccessAbility Awards

If you are interested in joining our AccessAbility committee or make a recommendation for 2023, contact Mary Fu at mfu@helenkeller.org.