2021 AccessAbility Award Recipient: UsableNet - Tanner Gers & Jason Taylor



[Tanner]: My name is Tanner Gers, I'm the head of partnerships here at Useablenet, I am on this team and work really closely with everybody from top to bottom, from the VP of sales down to our frontline sales development representatives. I am totally blind and use a screen reader, but I'm also using all the technologies and tools that our team is using Salesforce, joining Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, and even closing out contracts and negotiations.

[Jason]: Thank you guys. Thank you for the award. We're absolutely honored to get the award from Heller Keller Services. We have worked in a variety of ways with Helen Keller Services over the years, including hiring some amazing people from their network. So thank you for that too. We've always been admirers of Helen Keller Services mission of making sure that everybody from the blind, the low vision and the blind-deaf community can live and thrive in any community that they choose. Our mission at usable and acne is to make sure that digital accessibility is available to everybody in work in education, in health care, in your finance. So our missions are aligned. We're looking forward to working with Helen Keller Services for a long time and creating a fruitful relationship. We'd really like to thank the people that work at helicopter services and the supporters of helicopter services. So the passion that they bring to this area.