2021 AccessAbility Award Recipient: Sunrise Credit Services - Dawn Simmons & Elizabeth Vidas



[Elizabeth]: Hi, I'm Elizabeth Vidas. I am a 40 year old white female with blonde hair and a black shirt I'm with the Sunrise Credit Services. And we are so honored to accept this award. We work for a great company that's always been inclusive of all of our employees, and we're so proud that we've partnered with Helen Keller to share that with you guys too. Thank you.

[Dawn]: And hi, I'm Dawn Simmons. I am a black 52 year old female. I am wearing a black shirt and glasses, and I'm sitting in our office at the Sunrise Credit Services. And again, we are so happy to accept this award. It means a lot to us, and we definitely thank Helen Keller. People who are differently-abled are special to us. We both have brothers who have developmental disabilities. So this means a lot to be able to help people, to train people. We love training and to be awarded for it. It almost seems unfair because it's just something we love to do. We just want to say thank you, this means so much to us. It means so much to our company. Everyone's excited for it and we can't wait to go more. We can do in the future.