Summer Youth Programs 2022

Pre-Employment Services for Transition Age

HKNC’s SYVP offers Pre- Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS), established through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and prepares you for employment and gives you the confidence for starting life after high school.

At SYVP you will:

  • Learn from employed mentors and peers who are DeafBlind
  • Take worksite tours and meet hiring managers
  • Create your work portfolio and participate in practice interviews
  • Understand your personal interests and strengths
  • Learn from leaders who are DeafBlind how they applied advocacy to success in college
  • Develop work readiness skills for personal care, managing meals, budgeting, travel and telecommunications to be successful at work
  • Develop an action plan to meet your goals!

Session I: June 6, 2022 – July 15, 2022

Session II: July 18, 2022 – August 26, 2022

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M~POWER-Pre-Employment Services for Transition Age

HKNC’s M~POWER Program offers Pre- Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS), established through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and introduces job exploration counseling, work-based learning experiences, counseling on post-secondary educational opportunities, workplace readiness training and self-advocacy.

  • To explore your Vocational & Education interests so you can make informed choices and take a more active role in your life
  • To make plans for your career & life after high school
  • To examine and learn skills in the core areas of Orientation and Mobility, Communication, Independent Living, and Adaptive Technology
  • To become work ready
  • To become an active volunteer and work as a member of a team
  • To determine your goals after high school and share lessons learned with peers
  • To explore job interests
  • To visit colleges and determine your personal accommodation needs and how to acquire them

July 25, 2022 - August 5, 2022

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Summer Assessment Program FlyerSUMMER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
Pre-Employment Services for Transition Age

HKNC’s Summer Assessment Program offers a comprehensive assessment designed to offer information and practical experience to expand participant’s awareness, knowledge, skill and confidence. 

The Summer Assessment Program will offer will provide you with opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Career and Job Exploration 
  • Worksite Tours
  • Workplace Readiness Skills
  • Counseling on Post-Secondary Education 
  • Adaptive Technology 
  • Self-advocacy - Facilitate IEP
  • Orientation & Mobility
  • Low Vision and Audiology 
  • Communication

You can choose to join group classes such as Emergency Preparedness, ASL, physical fitness and Advocacy in the DeafBlind World. HKNC offers you a friendly, fun and unique learning environment. Come learn what Vocational Rehabilitation is all about and what options exist for achieving your definition of success! Enjoy the New York experience through visits to NYC and the surrounding areas including beautiful Long Island with its world-class beaches, parks and malls. Your unique summer experience is waiting for you!

Offered May-August 2022

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