Welcome to the Technology, Research, and Innovation Center!

The Technology, Research and Innovation Center (TRIC) is a state of the art technology center for those who are DeafBlind located on the campus of HKNC in Sands Point, New York. While the Center is still under construction, I’m excited to tell you about the areas TRIC will work to serve the DeafBlind community.


The Five Roles of TRIC

TRIC has been created to serve the DeafBlind community in five essential ways.

1. Short term training. For those consumers who need technology training without the rest of the traditional services offered, TRIC has the opportunity to offer short term training, typically last one or two months, to individuals in the DeafBlindcommunity. Fees apply and admission for training will be handled by HKNC’s regional representatives in conjunction with the admissions coordinator at HKNC.

2. Train-the-Trainers seminars. As time goes on, TRIC will begin offering Train-The-Trainers Seminars to professionals working with individuals who are DeafBlind. Topics will vary based on demand. Once the TRIC web page launches, and when Train-The-Trainers Seminars are ready to begin, more information will be posted.

3. Relationships with companies to support their development of accessible technologies/programs. TRIC stands ready to begin working and interacting with various companies and services to assist in improving their benefits to the DeafBlind community.

4. Reviewing/evaluating products to educate DeafBlind consumers and professionals. These devices could include braille displays, operating system upgrades or any other type of equipment which could benefit the DeafBlind community. This information will be posted on HKNC’s website and will also be sent to the product under evaluation’s company for their consideration.

5. TRIC will also educate staff within the agency to promote further awareness of trends and information concerning technologies in use within the DeafBlind community.

Meet the TRIC Coordinator

Photo of a middle aged man from the waist  up with a deeply receding hairline wearing a dark blue collared t-shirt. The background is a bright blue sky and water with whitecaps.Scott Davert has been working in the field of adaptive technology for over a decade. Within HKNC, he has worked as a senior instructor in the Adaptive Technology Department, served as a regional representative for the Rocky Mountain area, was the coordinator of the New York DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program, and represented the agency as part of the Disability Advisory Committee. He also worked for the state of North Carolina as a DeafBlind services specialist, and as a customer relationship manager for Sprint and then T-Mobile Accessibility. In addition, Mr. Davert assists in the running of AppleVis.com, a community based website which strives to empower blind and low vision users to advocate and promote the accessibility of Apple products. He has been publishing articles in various publications since 2008 on technology as it relates to the DeafBlind community. His most recent article, Published in the January 2021 issue of Access World Magazine, covered the 40 cell braille displays available in the US market and compared their features and prices.

A message from Scott Davert

Hello! I’m very excited to be able to start the TRIC! This new Center touches on several things I am very passionate about as a DeafBlind person - braille, technology and using technology to increase the independence of individuals who are DeafBlind. I look forward to serving the community in every way possible and to having a team of individuals working with me to make TRIC a huge success! For more information about HKNC’s TRIC, contact Scott at scott.davert@hknc.org.

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