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A woman sitting at a table and signing to the camera

Miriam's Success Story

Miriam talks about her success while at HKNC

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Mary video

Mary's Experience at HKNC

Mary explains her unique experience at HKNC

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Picture of Simon

Simon talks about the skills he gained at HKNC

Simon tells about the skills he gained at HKNC to be successful

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Elizabeth’s Experience at HKNC

Elizabeth's Experience at HKNC

Elizabeth shares how the training she is receiving at HKNC has changed her life.

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Image of a woman seated and speaking to the camera.  An ASL interpreter is in a box in the top right corner.

Annee's Experience at HKNC

Annee's Experience at HKNC: her world being re-opened.

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Ashley is sitting facing the camera

Ashley's Experience at HKNC

Ashley: "Completing my training at HKNC was empowering and I felt good!"

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Woman sitting in front of braille display and keyboard.

Maricar's Story: Educating with Empathy

Maricar knows first hand the challenges her deaf-blind students face. She's been there herself.

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Man sitting in front of card catalog

John's Story: Finding His Purpose

John discovered his calling at HKNC. He hopes to someday be a voice for people with disabilities on Capitol Hill.

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Woman sitting on bench with mobile device and cane.

Marissa’s Story: It Takes a Team

Marissa’s team at HKNC helped her find the light in the dark—and a path back to her career in school counseling.

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Headshot of woman with glasses

Eloise’s Story: Finding Her Feet Again

Due to Usher syndrome, Eloise was falling a lot. Her cane training gave her the confidence not only to keep moving but to do so safely.

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Girl standing on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

Emilie's Story: Getting to the Met

A sudden loss of vision threatened to derail Emilie’s art career. Thanks to HKNC’s Community Services Program, she’s working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Man in headpones

Mark’s Story: The Magic of Technology

Mark never thought he’d be able to use a computer again. At HKNC, he discovered the life-changing “magic” of adaptive equipment.

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Headshot of woman

Ann’s Story: Crossing Borders with Confidence

With her dog guide and some strategies she learned at HKNC, Ann travels to Canada on her own.

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Woman and man sitting on couch; man is signing

Jay and Murielle’s Story: Living the Apartment Life

Jay and Murielle enjoy a new level of independence in their off-campus apartments.

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Woman in glasses standing in front of towel warmer at physical therapy clinic.

Juana’s Story: Reclaiming a Career in Health Care

Juana feared that she’d never work in her chosen field again, but her HKNC job coach helped her find a placement in a physical therapy practice—a temporary work experience that led to a full-time job offer.

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