Interpreting Services


People with combined vision and hearing loss have many different ways of communicating depending on their background and personal preference. At HKNC, we provide interpreting support for all students, staff and visitors in their preferred mode of communication.

Our staff are fully trained, experienced interpreters who are committed to ensuring high-quality, full communication access for everyone. They are skilled with specialized knowledge in, and experience with, interpreting for people who are deaf-blind, and they adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s Code of Professional Conduct.

Our in-house interpreting staff consists of 6 part-time interpreters. Several are RID certified. In addition, we will provide freelance sign language interpreters for special events, initiatives and programs, so you can participate in the activities of your choice at the Center or within the greater community.

Interpreter sits next to student, engaging in tactual sign

Interpreting Services at HKNC

We understand that everyone’s preferences are unique, and our interpreters will adapt their translation methods and styles to meet your needs. They bring to their work specialized knowledge and unique experience serving people with different levels of vision and hearing loss. Whether you are deaf-blind, profoundly deaf, hard of hearing, deaf with low vision or late deafened, our interpreters can help you get the information you need.

  • We offer one-on-one, group and platform interpreting using a variety of communication methods, including but not limited to:
  • American Sign Language
  • TactileSign Language (hand-over-hand sign language)
  • Close Vision Interpreting/Tracking
  • Signed Exact English (sign language in English word order)
  • Rochester Method (Fingerspelling each letter to form words)
  • Touch Signals (providing visual and environmental information through touch on the body)
  • Text Interpreting

Service Requests

Two women signingOur goal is to ensure full communication access and inclusion for everyone. Contact your regional representative to discuss your communication needs. If you’re on campus and you require interpreting services, please contact Kathy Anello, interpreting supervisor, at 516-570-3602 or

Interpreting Internships

Two women signing-one faceHKNC offers internships for currently enrolled students at an accredited college/university. We accept students from all over the country participating in interpreter training programs. For more information, please contact Ilissa Sternlicht, our interpreting internship coordinator, at 516-944-8900, ext. 137, or