HKNC Services for Individuals who are DeafBlind With Additional Disabilities

On-Campus Training Program:

HKNC is offering expanded services in its on-campus program to DeafBlind individuals with additional and intellectual disabilities who are seeking opportunities to discover vocational interests, strengths and abilities and benefit from community work-based learning to gain skills for future employment. Individuals who would benefit from this program are those who can manage the demands of a training program with minimal behavioral supports.  The assessment and training experiences are tailored to the needs of the individual with an emphasis on a person-centered, functional approach leading to the development of a preferred lifestyle in the domains of work, home and community.

The pace of learning, instructional strategies and adaptations and training schedule are individualized to meet the person’s needs and preferences to facilitate optimal participation.  A cohesive rehabilitation team works together with each individual designing and implementing learning opportunities which address vocation, communication, socialization, daily living, accessing the community, mobility, technology, mental health, audiology, low vision and recreational training goals.  The HKNC team will work closely with the educational team and/or vocational team and family members to ensure successful transitions back home wherein newly developed skills, lifestyle preferences and customized employment can be successfully achieved 

DeafBlind Immersion Experience:

This is an innovative assessment and training program for individuals who are DeafBlind and have additional disabilities and the staff, service providers and/or family members who support them. The program consists of 5 days immersion at HKNC Sands Point, NY location.

Each consumer will receive a lifestyle assessment through participation in preferred functional activities related to work, home, and leisure. Included in this will be an individualized communication assessment and development of a system that may include object symbols, picture cues, and basic visual or tactile sign language. 

Each consumer will receive functional assessments in low vision and audiology as well as an assessment and recommendations for environmental modifications such as tactual cues and markings, visual contrast, low vision adaptations, audiological cues, and vibrating alerting systems.

Each support person will accompany the consumer throughout this evaluation and will receive a hands-on, in-the-moment staff training and mentoring with the consumer from 8am-8pm.

Each support person will also receive training in the following areas: alternative communication systems, basic sign language, haptics, conversational approach, the use of tactual teaching techniques and adaptive strategies for vocational and daily living activities and person-centered planning and community participation.

A team of HKNC’s experienced staff will guide, train and model tactual techniques and personalized strategies to support the consumer to participate more fully in life. Support staff who would benefit from this training seminar include job coaches, habilitation specialists, program managers, behavior specialists and therapists. Family members are also encouraged to participate. The consumer and his/her support team will reside in the HKNC Residence and join the Destiny Group Home program for activities. Visiting staff will be responsible for the support and administration of medications for the consumer for the duration of the program.

HKNC Training Team

The HKNC Training Team can also provide consultative services in-state for individuals who are DeafBlind with additional disabilities. Training can occur at the consumer’s residence, day program, and work site with the goal of assessing and assisting staff in the development of communication systems and adaptive strategies for vocational and daily living activities. The team will work with the consumer and staff together to incorporate person-centered strategies that will support the consumer to participate more fully in work, recreation and home life.

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