ADA Title V: Miscellaneous



ADA Title 5

Title 5 covers miscellaneous provisions. This section has additional and clarifying information not found in Titles 1 through 4. It also provides definitions for vocabulary found in the previous titles. For example, it defines the term "undue hardship." It also outlines how the ADA interacts with other existing laws. For example, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 supersedes the ADA. It also outlines how state agencies and others can qualify for exemption. In addition, it outlines what accommodations insurance companies are required to provide. Title 5 also prohibits retaliation and provides protections for those who feel they have been the victim of retaliation after they have filed a complaint. This title outlines who is responsible to pay attorney fees if a suit has been filed and won. It also contains a list of what is not considered to be a disability under the law.