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Volunteer opportunities are available at three of our New York locations: HKNC headquarters in Sands Point and HKSB’s Brooklyn and Islandia facilities.

At HKNC headquarters, you can participate in recreational activities with people who are DeafBlind. The options range from collaborating on arts and crafts projects and making music together to playing games, going to parties in the residence lounge and working out at the gym. Volunteers also accompany students on outings in the community, including trips to shopping centers, restaurants, church or worship activities, hiking trails and New York City attractions. Or you may choose to take on library or office work in support of the HKNC mission. At HKSB’s Brooklyn location, you can read to blind and vision loss clients. In Islandia, volunteers help with transportation, taking clients to doctor appointments and meetings.

What are the benefits for volunteers?

During your volunteer work, you’ll build new skills, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with people of diverse cultural and communication backgrounds.

HKS’ comprehensive training programs encompass a broad range of activities, projects and settings, providing a wealth of opportunities for you to do work that matches your skills and interests.


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Success Story

Charles Fulham

Working with Helen Keller turned out to be a blessing. I was not one who wanted to go to college. My first counselor Francesca Flanders encouraged me to get a college degree to help my chances in obtaining a job. Which it did.

Who can become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years of age, reside in New York (preferably on Long Island or in New York City) and undergo a background check and screening.

If you’d like to volunteer at HKNC in Sands Point, you’ll also be required to participate in orientation sessions that are offered on campus. Your orientation will give you a general overview of HKNC services and other important aspects of working with people who are DeafBlind.